Artist Manikins

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Time to throw away those totally useless wooden statue mannequins and get yourself a real Manikin!

Drawing dynamic poses and unique angles is always daunting, specially with no reference materials it can be difficult for those of us with little experience in those fields.

  • Introducing our revolutionary highly realistic, articulated drawing figures created with the artist in mind.
  • Perfect for cartoonists, animators, animation drawing, manga, stop motion photography, painting, digital drawing, etc.
  • Easily create ANY base pose to even the most dynamic of drawings!
  • Over 30 articulated joints make it even easier to recreate a desired pose or action. The DX set includes everything you need to create a masterpiece: 17 interchangeable hands, mini book, PC, tablet, model gun, sword, pen, smartphone, cell phone, and special display base! Figure measures roughly 7-inches tall.
  • Available as male (Body-kun) and/or female (Body-Chan).

Not in stores!

A dream for beginner and advanced artists alike. These figurines can take ANY POSE imaginable, in an ultra realistic way. The limbs are meant to mimic human movements so bending something backwards or into a painful looking pose is not possible, so you can keep your actions scenes looking natural. Nothing worse that drawing an action scene where one guys shoulder looks like it’s popped out of place. They feature realistic muscle definition on legs, arms and shoulders (and some abs in there too) with facial definition for the nose, eye sockets and ears. The face is very manga shaped, however it is just a guide for underlining the face angle and feature positions for foreshortening and perspective.

Enjoy our special 2-in-1 Body-Kun + Body-Chan offer today!

  • A Body-Kun figure (with its base and all accessories)
  • A Body-Chan figure (with its base and all accessories)
  • The male Body-Kun measures about 16 cm in height
  • The female Body-Chan measures about 14 cm in height

Each figure comes with:

  • A pedestal
  • 7 left hands
  • 10 right hands
  • A gun
  • A katana
  • A mini tablet
  • A mini laptop
  • A mini stylus
  • A mini notebook
  • A mini smartphone

NOTE// When ordering the 2-in-1 - If you'd like a mix of colors, select "ANY" and please specify in the notes at checkout the colors you'd like! Otherwise, you will be sent random colors.