NYONI® Premium Fine Art Soft Core Watercolor Pencils

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Use like an ordinary coloring pencil, or brush with water to create lovely watercolors to your pictures and artwork!

1. Pencil colour: 12/24/36/48/72 Watercolor Colored Pencils
2. Color pencil type: Water soluble coloured pencils
3. Body Material: Wood, safe and healty for human body and Eco-friendly.
4. Pencil Size: Length 17.5cm/7 inches.
5. Lead size: Dia 4.0mm.
6. Net Weight: 200~810g/set.

Pencil Length: 17.5cm/ 7"
Lead Size: Diameter 4.0mm
Lead Hardness: 2B
Soluble: Paint - just add water on brush and pencil can be transformed into watercolor paint